World Environment Day

  • June 06, 2019
  • Things to consider on World Environment Day 2019.

    Running free in the Serengeti, Tanzania.

    June 5 was World Environment Day, and in our minds and hearts at African Family Safaris, one of the most important things that we can do is get our children into nature. Wherever we are.

    Fields, waterfalls, oceans, wild spaces. Let them feel the freedom and wholeness that nature provides. Then let’s hope that their inner eco-warrior kicks in and they do a better job of protecting the planet than past generations have.

    Still & quiet on mokoros in the Okavango Delta, Botswana.

    The time has come to hold companies accountable that are actively polluting the planet in the name of tourism. Yesterday, Carnival cruiselines were fined USD$20 million (not enough given that their stock market value is $35 billion) for systematically and repeatedly dumping mixed food waste containing plastic & aluminium into the ocean – again. They are multiple environmental crime offenders. Alaska’s Glacier Bay NP has received their grey water; the Bahamas their multitude of single use plastic.

    It matters to us how safari operators in Africa run their camps. How are they heating that water? Where is that rubbish going? What happens to the waste? Are the local community reaping benefits and upliftment from conservation tourism?

    Are local communities benefiting in a positive way from tourism?

    There are many operators out there that are doing their very best to place as light a footprint as possible on this earth, whilst at the same time hosting small numbers of travellers so that these areas and animals can be respected and conserved using tourism dollars.

    Some aren’t doing enough. It’s time to wake up. It’s no longer good enough to do things the same old way. Not good enough for our earth and not for good enough for our children. It’s now deeply and vitally important that we are being accountable for how we treat our home. We know better, so can do better.

    Have fun in nature y’all!

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