what makes a great safari experience?

A great safari experience isn’t about how many animals you have seen or how luxurious your accommodation. Rather it can be defined in how you feel during your experience. Some experiences will give you loads of wildlife and a luxurious room, but still leave you feeling ambivalent to the experience as a whole.

A great safari will have you feeling humbled, overwhelmed and excited beyond belief. Kids will engage immediately, because they recognize the authenticity and realness of the experience. When parents see the response from their children, it will immediately validate the decision to have a do the safari properly.

There are seven key factors that make up the ultimate safari experience. Not all of these factors will apply to every camp in an itinerary, but a great safari will have elements of them all.

1.  Wildlife

Wildlife is the main reason people take a safari. You want to see good numbers and a great diversity of wildlife. At African Family Safaris we will ensure that you and your family are in the right places at the right times of the year to enjoy excellent game viewing. It is important to note that quality of ‘game viewing’ will inevitably create a better experience, and more ‘feeling’ then focusing on quantity.

2.  Guides

Guides can make or break your experience. A good guide doesn’t just find you wildlife. They will communicate animal behaviours, anticipate action, help you understand the landscape and most importantly be great company for you and your family. African Family Safaris works with safari companies that focus heavily on upskilling and training their guides to ensure a great experience.

3.  Authentic Culture
Authentic interaction with local people is an incredibly humbling experience. In general, whilst on the surface the people might have very little, they have strong family and community connections and they are happy and welcoming. African Family Safaris avoids any over commercialized cultural experiences, and focuses on families connecting with real African families at some point along their journey.
4.  Pristine Wilderness

The more remote and pristine the wilderness area, the more remarkable the safari experience. In these places, you are already overwhelmed by the wildness of the landscape, even before you see an animal. You know that the experience is totally uncontrived, that anything can happen at any time and whatever you see is a unique gift from the wilderness to your family.

5.  Freedom and Flexibility

In a great safari experience, you will have the freedom to drive off road for up close wildlife viewing. With your guide you can hop out of the vehicle for a close up examination of a flower, track or insect. You can be out as early as you like and if there is great action happening on your game drive you can stay out for as long as you like. Having this level of freedom and flexibility adds significantly to the quality of your experience.

6.  Diversity

Any safari itinerary should have a level of diversity in it. You don’t want to just be bouncing around on a vehicle for your entire safari. It is wise to mix up the experiences with boats, fishing, canoes and walking safaris (some of these activities are age dependant).

7.  Exclusivity

In an ideal safari, you will find yourself in a pure wilderness and see incredible wildlife and very few people. The greater the exclusivity, the more you feel immersed in the experience. It is a huge element in a quality safari and can have an incredibly positive impact on family members. Exclusivity doesn’t come cheap however, and in general, the greater the exclusivity the higher the price you will pay.



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