Why take an African family safari?

Modern families are busier than ever. Life moves at a hectic pace and there is very little quality family time. Every member of the family is consumed with their own life and the lure of technology often interrupts any chance of real connection. It can feel as though you and your family are just spinning on the hamster wheel of life. There is often a distance between family members that can feel impossible to fill. All the while the years flash by. The great fear is that you will wake one morning to find that the kids have left home and you have missed the opportunity to create some indelible family memories.

An African Family Safari solves these problems in three ways.

1.  Effortless connection
On safari you will spendat least 8 solid hours a day with your family exploring the wilderness. The very idea might put some people off, however this is no ordinary experience. In this very wild, dynamic and incredibly engaging environment you will be on a mission together, searching for wildlife. There is great drama and tension in the search and there is incredible excitement in the find. You will witness things that will leave your heart thumping – perhaps a pride of lions confronting a herd of buffalo or a herd of elephants swimming within meters of your boat – moments which provide the platform for a lifetime’s connection through shared experience. A safari also provides a level playing field for the family. You find yourself in an environment that is way bigger then any issues your family might be facing. Even the surliest teenager understands that a poor attitude doesn’t intimidate an elephant or a lion. The untamed wilderness and the proximity to some very impressive (and potentially very dangerous) wild animals humbles everyone. At the same time, the parents are also complete novices to this environment. As a parent you are no longer in control, but rather relying on the knowledge and skill of your guide. Trust comes quickly though, and it doesn’t take long to relax and begin to soak up the experience. You know that you will be looked after.Read More...
2.  Authentic Adventure
The safaris we organize for families are proper, authentic adventures. The areas we will send you are vast and truly wild. The safari camps are incredibly comfortable (sometimes ultra luxurious) and always safe, but at all times you will be immersed and enveloped within the wilderness. You will hear the hippos grunting and the lions roaring. Perhaps you might wake in the night to an elephant feeding outside your tent. The dawn chorus of birdsong will wake you well before the dawn while the scents and smells of the wilderness will permeate your skin and infiltrate your soul. And this is all before the morning game drive.Read More...
3.  Ultimate freedom
On an African family safari you are totally free to enjoy the experience with your family. All aspects of your trip are taken care of – you don’t have to worry about a thing. You can free yourself from your phone and wallet and focus on soaking in the experience with the people you love most in the world. The most difficult decision will be what to have to drink when your game drive pauses to enjoy the setting African sun.Read More...


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