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An African safari is the ultimate family holiday. Aside from being a phenomenal wildlife adventure through some incredible wilderness areas, it has the greatest potential to bring families together through extraordinary shared experiences. These will be the memories that your children will still be talking about in twenty years time. African Family Safaris tailors the highest quality, authentic private safari experiences for families, to the wildest and most beautiful wildlife destinations of Africa. Each itinerary is personally designed by Richard Field. He is one of Africa’s finest guides and has taken hundreds of families on safari throughout Africa over the last twenty years. Richard loves to share the very best of Africa and family safaris are his forte. Just as each family is different, every African family safaris experience is unique and tailored to your specific requirements. Accommodations vary from 6-star luxury through to basic camping, but the quality and authenticity of the safari experience and the safety of your family is never compromised. A high quality, authentic safari has a unique ability to capture the attention and imagination of people of almost every age. Having said that, from our experience children over seven years of age are able to fully absorb and engage all that a great safari has to offer. Families with younger children (under seven) can also be catered for, but by necessity the nature of the experience tends to be shorter and generally in more accessible safari areas. Contact us now to find out more about Africa and whether an African Family Safaris experience is right for you.


Have a real adventure with your family through the wildest areas of Africa in safety and comfort.

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Classic Luxury

A more down to earth experience, while still enjoying wonderful style and comfort. Always a first class safari experience.

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Premier Luxury

The ultimate in luxury and sophistication combined with superb, authentic safari experiences.

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